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Why do I want to upgrade a ZenCart in your opinion

By: Devin |
December 17 2015 3:04

When I was interacting with one of my customer on his needs and further development, he has asked me a simple question.  “Why do I […]

How do I remove zencart category / inventory count

By: Devin |
October 30 2015 16:03

Open your Admin. Choose My Store from configuration Menu Find the “Show Category Counts” option. Switch it off.

How to find the database used in my zencart. I am

By: Devin |
June 9 2014 1:21

It is advised to learn zencart basics before trying to do any customization. Now to find the database used in your cart *   open your […]

Admin User Password lost. How to change it in mys

By: Devin |
June 9 2014 1:11

My SQL Way : Open the phpmyadmin in your control panel. If you know the database, open it.  If you have too many database and […]