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Zen cart implementation and template customization. Our services are hailed by our esteemed customers and our support services are one of the industry's best. We help new store owners with a limited and effective training and after sales/service support.

Here are our services:

  • Zen Cart Upgrade to the current version from any zencart old version
    • Upgrading Zencart from version 1.3.7 or 1.3.8 or 1.3.9 to or 1.5.5x or 1.5.6x or 1.5.7x to latest Zen Cart Version 1.5.8a
      1. Upgrade Zen Cart from 1.5.x

        1. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.8
        2. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.7d
        3. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.7c
        4. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.7b
        5. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.7a
        6. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.7
        7. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.6c
        8. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.6b
        9. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.6a
        10. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.6
        11. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5f
        12. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5e
        13. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5d
        14. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5c
        15. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5b
        16. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5a
        17. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.5
        18. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.4
        19. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.3
        20. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.5.1
        21. Upgrade from zen-cart-v150
      2. Upgrade Zen Cart from zen-cart-v1.3.9x

        1. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9h
        2. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9g
        3. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9f
        4. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9e
        5. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9d
        6. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9c
        7. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9b
        8. Upgrade from zen-cart-v1.3.9a
    • Install and Upgrade the modules from earlier versions to fit ZenCart 1.5.5e or latest
  • Zen Cart Custom module / add-on development
  • Vendor Feed import to zencart, automatic stock update
  • We integrate dropshipping products of feeds into zencart for smooth functioning of the cart. The stock quanity of the products can be maintained live with that of the suppliers.

  • Zen Cart Payment gateway integration and trouble shooting
    • Checkout by amazon
    • Paypal Express Checkount
    • Square Pay
  • Zen Cart shipping module installation, configuration and customization
    • USPS installation on Zen Cart
    • Zen Cart UPS Installation
    • Fedex Installation on Zen Cart
  • Feed management services, such as google merchant and google shopping
  • Zen Cart help, by tweaking, w3c validation, data management
  • Zen Cart template development
  • Fixed Rate Zen Cart Management

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"Understood the requirement and carried out the task in good time. Would use again."
-Love Services

"Excellent work. "

"Very pleased with work. Fast and professional."
-Sandra D

"Very fast service. Thank you."
-27 Group

"Excellent developer. Price is also reasonable and good quality + communication!! Thanks a lot for your help!!"
-Dany Michael