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Admin User Password lost. How to change it in mysql


My SQL Way :

Open the phpmyadmin in your control panel.
If you know the database, open it.  If you have too many database and dont know where to find it, learn it here

Find the name admin.  Few carts will have table prefix.  example zen_ , new_, etc.

browse the table if it is not browsing.  Few engines shows the table structure instead browsing table.

find your user id.  edit the record.  just scroll your mouse if you dont know which is edit button it will be a writing icon.

change the password to 351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b

Please ensure that you are pasting exact text.

Save it(normally it will be a go button at the bottom.

You are done now :).   Your password is changed to ‘admin’

Please be sure that you are changing it after logging in.  This password is prone to hack attack


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