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Warning about a scam: "TLS upgrade"


I received an email about a TLS upgrade. I was skeptical and checked the forum and found that the same scam was reported by Dr Byte 2 years ago.
The current scam is the same, but with an updated version date.

Here’s the scam text again:


Zen Cart Pending TLS Update
Zen Cart is a leading e-Commerce Services company delivering online stores technology for a better management.
Being one of the world's leading e-commerce platform requires unrivalled vision, innovation and execution. We never settle: in everything we do, we challenge our ideas of what's possible in order to better meet the needs of our customers.
Your online business security is a shared responsibility between our company and you.

Based on this philosophy, Zen Cart advises you to update your online store to the last version available. Verify the update details below:
Registered Domain:
Current TLS Module: Zen Cart (TLS v1.2/2008)
New TLS Module: Zen Cart (TLS v1.3/2020)
The update is free and fixes performance and security issues.
This is a mandatory update to maintain in force industry standards like PCI-DSS and others.
Keeping your business healthy and safe is one of our top priorities.

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