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Why do I want to upgrade a ZenCart in your opinion?

Why do I want to upgrade a ZenCart in your opinion?

When I was interacting with one of my customer on his needs and further development, he has asked me a simple question.  “Why do I want to upgrade a ZenCart in your opinion?”

The question is simple in nature, as he doesnot want to spend much on upgrading his system often.

The simple answer is you dont need to upgrade the system completely, instead you can always use patches for a reasonable time until the creator of the software system advises for immediate upgrade.  (normally it wont happen).  The reason behind updates can be listed as follows :

All software come with unintended bugs.  including windows/linux etc.. operating system.  so the zencart too.
There are people who penetrate into our system where we have some bugs to steal our data for financial or other benefits
To protect them we needs to go for update and upgrade. These upgrades and updates are mean to keep the site secured with ongoing hack attempts and misuse

I wish this explain and clarifies people with doubts /apprehension on upgrades and updates.

Will share an interesting top next week.


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